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 [B500] First Naked Lonney "The Wolf Pack"

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PostSubject: [B500] First Naked Lonney "The Wolf Pack"   Sat May 22, 2010 8:46 pm

Ladies and Gents.... Lets get NAKED!!! As some of you may or may not remember in FM2 the "naked" cars offered from the boys at SPOT that featured some amazing designs and great performance without FORZA aero.

Well we would like to announce that we are bringing back the legend to FM3 with our latest release. We have paired up an EVO pack that is simply amazing.


The Evo 6 was made for Fujimi Kaido and Katie ( The Howler) has put it on the LB's in the #10 position (This was done as a benchmark to show the cars capabilities but does not reflect its true potential). V12 Bravehartz has done an amazing job on the tune and makes it so easy to drive.

The paint was done up by the king of awesome "The Fods" AKA Cannon Fodder. He has used the HKS Wolf theme on it and makes it just pop with the colors.


The Evo 9 was made for some amazing lobby races but has seen some Top 100 times on short tracks guaranteed. The tune was made by Cannon Fodder andXxDaneyxX our newest member. He used to be PHR Daney so please welcome him to our team.

The paint was continued from the Evo 6 and looks amazing once again on the Evo 9. We like to call the pack "The Wolf Pack" and we know it will attack the competition.

[Sales Details]

We are selling an unlimited amount of cars for a period of two weeks only (This is to accommodate the HLC). When they are gone they are gone. Sales will begin on Wednesday 19th May and as always will be sold through the beloved Auction House at 200k per car. Official seller is as always is our main man MICK THE MAN MANSELL

[AH Search Details]

Class: Class B (B500)
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Lancer Evo 6 GSR
Design: Yes

Class: Class B (B500)
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Lancer Evo 9 MR
Design: Yes

***Looney HLC Contests***

HLC 1: EVO 9

We are changing things up a little here. We have 3 tracks we want you to Hot Lap and the lowest overal LB ranking wins. So that means that if you get #102, #39, #59 you will get a #200 for your score.

The lowest combined score will win!!

HLC Courses: Iberian Short Forward / Suzuka East / King Cobra Reverse

We have purposely ran this car in Test Run so that none of our times are recorded. What we want to see is YOUR times on the leaderboards. The TM is what matters here. So feel free to post any new PB's etc.

HLC 2: EVO 6

Fastest certified lap time around Fujimi Kaido wins. Its that simple!!

<<<< HLC RULES >>>>

1. Must run with Looney Tuned EVO 9 MR / EVO 6(No change to build or paint)
2. Must be a clean run (No /!\ allowed)
3. Run in Hot Lap mode
4. May run any type of assists needed
5. Save your replay and put in your SF with title "Looney HLC"
6. Post in thread your time & ranking (may be updated, just re-post)

***HLC Prizes***

HLC 1: EVO 9

1st: 4 million CR
2nd: 2 million CR
3rd: 1 million CR

HLC 2: EVO 6
1st: 4 Million CR

2nd: 2 Million CR

3rd: 1 Million CR

As an added bonus, if anyone beats Katie's final time around Fujimi Kaido in the EVO 6 they will recieve an added 1 Million Credits.

Thats a total of 15 Million Credits up for Grabs!!

***Deadline for Comp***

8PM GMT Wednesday 2nd JUNE

Additional Photo's by GT Eleven

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[B500] First Naked Lonney "The Wolf Pack"
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