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 [C-425] Colin Mcrae Tribute 22B - Rally Comp Inside!!

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PostSubject: [C-425] Colin Mcrae Tribute 22B - Rally Comp Inside!!   Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:16 pm

Looney Tunes are delighted to release to the tm community, the "Colin Mcrae Gathereing tribute", this car has been lovingly painted by Wayne Tomlinson, a huge Colin Mcrae fan who held on to this design for as long as it took to get the proper tune, so 6 months down the line The Looney tuners, Cannon fodder and Daneys Colaboration provided this baby.....high on the leaderboards

Q. What is the " Colin McRae gathering"?

A. This is a real life event organised by Subaru owners and McRae fans every year in Scotland to honour the life of the greatest rally driver ever to have got behind the wheel of a car "Colin McRae"

Q. Can you follow in the footsteps of Colin McRae and be crowned FM3,s rally Champion?

Q. How do I enter?

A. Sign up for our Rally di Positano "Mcrae Gathering" in this thread right here....Just enter your gamertag with

" If in doubt, Flat out"

Q. What do I need?

Just buy the Colin Mcrae Tribute Subaru 22b car painted tuned and built in Class C 425 PI for a cost of 200,000 Cr from the Auction House with McMansell being the seller. There will be a few pre-release copies in the AH early with Bickel as the seller.

Sales officially start around 8PM EST (when Mick is home)


Q. What do i do next?

A. Practice the 4 Point to point stages......

Q. How do I become the overall FM3 rally champion...?

A. For 4 separate nights to be announced ...(posted in this thread) over the next 2 weeks us Looneys will host "always open" Lobbies over the period of 4 separate evenings, consisting of 1 stage per evening,at Rally di Positano A, B,C, D .

After signing up you will then send a message to our host on the particular evening telling him your ready to run your stage, you then get an invite to join the lobby and come in and do your 1 and only timed run for that stage, just like real rallying no room for error, 1 chance for victory you will run alone with full damage on and the added pressure of anyone else in the lobby watching as they wait there turn....,

Do your run, then leave or stay and watch the others..we take note of your time for each stage, and the guy with the lowest time for the 4 stages combined will be crowned, " Rally Champion of FM3" we will post the times of each stage here in this thread after each stage is completed... and the overall champion will win some amazing prizes including customized stratos with gamertag tuned by Matti da Dude for stage A and loads more goodies including 1 Mill Cr.....and a very special McRae paint by Wayne Tomlinson and a few other rally paints sitting in the looney bin.

The quickest 2 guys on each stage will win the Stratos tuned by matti da dude pictured in the advert, however only one car can be won per gamertag, so if you won a stratos in stage A and are the fastest on stage b we will move to the next fastest, till we get 2 "unique" gamertags from each of the 4 rally stages,

After the Statos winners have received their cars there we will host a rally for the 8 winners. There will be 2 lobbies set up at the same time and we will run all the stages to crown the overal rally champion. At that time the winner will get a custom Statos with their gamertag and stating they are Rally World Champion.

Also we will hold some Rally races Full damage, collisions off during this release....anyone who wins one of these races will recieve a Matti da Dude Stratos......# 1 capable

Lets get rallying....and enjoy this tune, paint, and competition........Colin McRae....would be proud of us

[AH Search Details]

Class: Class C (C425)
Make: Subaru
Model: Subaru 22B
Design: Yes

Extra Pictures (By GT Eleven)

Stratos LE Pics

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[C-425] Colin Mcrae Tribute 22B - Rally Comp Inside!!
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