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 NKD...Ultimate STImulation

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PostSubject: NKD...Ultimate STImulation   Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:19 pm

Extra shots gracefully submitted by GT eleven..

Car may vary slightly from original photo..(a few decals added)

Here is the New release from your freindly naturist garage NKD...

With see through engine bay and two tone mettalic sides you must agree that this is one of the prettiest girls to come revving out of NKD.

Tune/paint: C4NNON FODDER

Price :150k from the auction house only...

Sale time : 2 weeks starting Wednesday 16th June 2010 10;00am GMT and then only on request from the looney tunes forum...

Laptimes : This is for you to put your driving skills into practice...

Mini comp : All you have to do is run an awesome time with the Ultimate STImulation subaru and save it to your storefront for verification...Starting 16/6 finishing 16/ later...

Track : This is for you to decide and the most awesome laptimes/pb's set, will receive an Ultimate STImulation LE which is sporting a slate black and gold splat...(pics to follow soon)...

Rules : Not many...NKD tune and paint to be used...any track...must be a clean lap...replay must be saved to storefront...

LE's available :20 copies available..20 winners...

So get out there..choose the track...and Get NKD...

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NKD...Ultimate STImulation
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