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 History of G.P. Legends

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PostSubject: History of G.P. Legends   Sat Feb 13, 2010 4:54 pm

The history of G.P. legends started back in Forza Motorsports 2 when Miffymak choose to make Formula 1 replica's (past and present) paint jobs on in game cars.

Miffy is a HUGE!!!! fan of Formula 1 and he knows all the facts and stories behind the sport. There are a few others that have started to do the same as Miffy but useally not as good of replica. The big difference is that Miffy paints it on road cars so you can use them to race your friends not on race cars that just look pretty.

Miffy has a huge collection of them for sale including some rare LE's and also he will take requests to paint a certain race car or Formula 1 driver.

We will be adding photos in the future but for now you can feel free to click the link below to be taken to Miffy's STOREFRONT on the Forzamotorsports site and see all the cars he has to offer. Make sure to stop by and say hello to Miffymak!!

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PostSubject: Re: History of G.P. Legends   Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:41 pm

Here are the paints I have done so far in FM3, if they are not on my storefront then you can order them in this thread and I will arrange pick up with you, thanks and enjoy, lights out GO, GO, GO.

Search criteria for all my paints is "miffymak"

Ferrari 60 years in F1 P330

Turn 10s gift the ferrari p330, painted in this years f1 livery, with 60 years in F1 commemoration on the roof, although I have to say if id paid 11 million credits for a p330 then it gets gifted out , wow, id be kinda mad, lol. available on my storefront, enjoy.

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa F2010

Hey there this one for all the Ferrari Fans, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso new 2010 livery with a brilliantly fast no aero or full aero tune by TRDxxMrwhitexx also on his storefront, thanks also to GTEleven for another brilliant set of photos,

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton McLaren both signed Mercedes Black

Now the release of the beautiful McLaren 2010 livery, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton both cars have the drivers own official NEW logos and and both cars have the drivers Signature on them, some superb pics below taken by GT Eleven.

Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg Mercedes Black Petronas

Mercedes released thier 2010 livery an driver line up, Micheal Schumacher and Nico Rosberg, I think the car looks fantastic, and have put the design on the mercedes, black which is a level up car, so most of you should have it.

i didnt want to biased so I also done Nicos and Schummys official logos on the back of the car,and thanks to Bickel for the air vents on arches and Mental Nev for his help on the colour scheme, due to my colour blindness[:$] , so hurry hurry, a tried and trusted s class tune on v12 ewoks store, enjoy!

Four paints on the Lotus 211

Well four releases to announce on here, the main paint is the signed Jim Clark Lotus 2 11, gold leaf limited edition of 20, that is the livery Clark was killed in at hockenhiem 1967, with a great quote from Chris Amon. This has also the Gold leaf in logo in Metallic, and was a pain to paint.

The standard edition yellow and british racing green lotus, which Clark was more famous for is also signed and also has the Chris Amon quote.

Then theres the Signed Ayrton Senna modern take on the JPS livery with metallic JPS and flashes a tribute to the life of one of the greatest racers ever to have graced the track.

And Finally the "fun" and very popular so far "Some say....I am the Stig" topgear paint.

Sir Jackie Stewart Focus RS

LIMETED EDITION ONLY 10 Available Grand Prix Legend # 10 Sir Jackie Stewart, Ford Focus RS in store now[Y]

with career stats on roof, in the livery of the team Jackie owned

Michael Schumacher Ferrari 599xx

Ferrari 599xx Schumacher Tribute, career stats on roof and hood

I had to have this car I thought well I paid REAL cash for the dlc so Im spending the kid on cr on this baby, Love the car the way it comes, so didnt want to do too much to it, kept is a clean as my painting brain would let me, lol , even if you aint got the car yet you can use it when you get it, enjoy schummy fans[Smile]

The one and only much missed Ayrton Senna NSX GT R

SENNA BLACK AND WHITE CARBON FIBRE After looking for an NSX Tune in A class and not liking many, TER P Willie offered a tune for me, wow He also put a tune up in a class for the senna evora and the schumacher f40, in s class both brilliant, just like the drivers, by the way settle an argument, who was the best senna or schumacher[:O]

"The Ferrari Collection"

Schumacher ITALIA 458 NEW DLC paint, over 20 hurry hurry Mrs Murray ; ) There now follows a broadcast from the Michael Schumacher Appreciation Society, (Miffymak) (Me), lol have a look , those stats on the roof, wow my hero

3 releases in a week

3 releases to report, 1st is "THE STIG KILLER" Lancia Stratos anyone who watched the stig spin out twice on Sunday and struggle to take the stratos round the topgear track would be happy to think hes human, can you tame the beast? paint available 1st 100 also michael schumacher career stats racecar F430GT by request please rate and enjoy, oh and finally Nigel Mansell (Grand Prix Legend # 7 ) available in McMansells Store (who else ) he set me on the path in FM2 with a donation of 3 Mill cr , payback time [Very Happy]

Now heres schumacher Career Stats F430GT Racecar

Please rate and enjoy, Miffy [Y]

Penelope Pitstop

Grand Prix Legends # 6 (Special Edition) Penelope Pitstop Retuns to FM3

Dont even say shes not a Legend, wtf she beat Dick Dastardly every week[Smile](even when he painted tunnels on walls, she could drive through them[Very Happy]) I released this paint as a limited Edition of 5 on a Cobra towards the end of FM2 and they sold for Millions, now painted on the Affordable Shelby series 1 rather than the Crazy priced Cobra and available in my store, this car will please your wife /girlfriend/daughter and give you a great excuse to play forza in front of the girls, oh and not to mention how embarresed your friends will be when you fly by them in this car...enjoy!

Grand prix Legends #5 JPS Lotus Evora Ayrton Senna memorial

A modern take on the legendary John Player Special Lotus livery with gold metallic base paint released as a memorial paint tribute (Poppy included Free) to the late great ayrton senna, signed and with a famous Ayrton qoute available now in my store, enjoy.

Felipe Massa Ferrari 360 Modena

This is # 2 in my ferrari collection, Felipe Massa 360 Modena with Felipe's official Logo, This paint is to compliment #1 which was Michael Schumacher F40.

Senna VS Prost McLaren f1

Available now in my store either Senna or Prost, remember suzuka 89? no? well look it up on utube this car celebrates one of the biggest f1 rivalries ever the mclaren f1 is a prize for leveling up to level 41 in fm3, so who will you choose? Senna or Prost, its a difficult decision[Smile]

Ferrari Collection Michael Schumacher Ferrari F40

After being commissioned by a guy to pant an F40 cometizione as he didnt like any of the paints already available I have decided to paint each Ferrari in the game in an F1 theme, and number 1 is the F40 and its available free on my storefront just put in keyword schumacher or miffymak and enjoy, I will still be painting my "grand prix legends alongside "The Ferrari Collection" cheers heres a pic to help you find it[Smile]

Topgear Schumacher tribute Ferrari FXX

Grand Prix Legends FM3 # 3 TOPGEAR "THE STIG" Tribute (collect them all) again, lol. Sold over 1000 of these so far without a turn 10 pick.

OK Where do I start on this one, after Schummy appeared on Topgear as "The Stig" I released a quickly put together paint to commemorate the occasion in FM2, the car went ballistic and the 10 Limeted Editions went for Billions 5 in Uk and 5 in USA, I have had many requests to repaint the FXX "Stig" so I took some time over it this time. The release Format is as follows

Michael Schumacher Ferrari california

After the great reaction to Jenson Buttons Brawn I had to do my hero Schumacher a tribute car in FM3, I chose to do it on the new Ferrari California, in my storefront now, hope you enjoy.

Jenson Button Brawn Grand Prix Mercedes Black

Well here we go again,To celebrate FM3 release I painted a Mercedes SL 65 Jenson Button Tribute paint, enjoy in my storefront now be quick it is only available till next weekend after the last F1 race of the season This has Jensons official Button logo on the roof, enjoy and look out for "Legends" news soon.

Grand Prix Legends FM3 # 1 Jenson Button

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History of G.P. Legends
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