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 GT eIeven

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GT eIeven


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PostSubject: GT eIeven   Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:00 pm

Hello everybody. Some of you know me better (the smaller group), some only know that I exist Wink

I'm Thomas from Germany and I'm 29 years old. Working for the #1 jam- and cerealbar-producer in Germany I have a quite daytime filling job.

I'm good for a laugh every now and then - only barrier might be the language. That said I want to let ALL of you guys know, that if I'm in a party with you and don't say too much, it's just the language. I should understand most things, but to get to talk in a lobby with 4-8 native speakers I might get shy lol.

If you ever need something that I can offer - some bannerwork or a photoshoot, or just a victim on the track - let me know and I'm in!

Cheers and have a good one.
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GT eIeven
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