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 [D350] 69 Fairlady Z - Multiple #1's **SOLD OUT**

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PostSubject: [D350] 69 Fairlady Z - Multiple #1's **SOLD OUT**   Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:09 pm

Have you been missing the TM of the past with some amazing cars and people. Welcome to Looney Tunes a new garage formed of all past veterans of the Forza Community. Basically it formed as alot of the guys that used to be in garages were jobless and instead of doing their own thing they decided to get together and release under one roof.

Here is a list of our Looney members. Take a look and see if you notice some old faces from the past:

Bickel ------------------> Leader
Miffymak ---------------> Founder/GP Legends
V12 Matti Dude -------> Tuner/Tester
V12 Bravehartz -------> Tuner/Tester
GT eIeven -------------> Graphic Arts/Photos
V12 Mental Nev -------> Tuner/Painter
S71GGY -----------------> Painter/Tester
V12 Hybrid -------------> Tuner/Tester
McMansell --------------> Seller/P.R.
Wayne Tomlinson -----> Replica Painter
V12 Ewok ---------------> Tuner/Tester
Cannon Fodder --------> Tuning/Painting/Naked

So here at Looney Tunes we have desided to release things alittle different than the normal. All cars will be sold through the Auction House and McMansell will be the main selling force. And also we are doing most of our releases limited time or numbers to keep it rare and for the true Forza junkies.

Our first tune is made by V12 Matti Dude. He has made a wicked fast 69 Fairlady Z that has took many #1's and loads more Top 10's.

And the paint is a fun little number painted up by V12 Mental Nev and Miffymak. We like to call it the ACME Rocket and has some of our members on the car as well.

A few of our members have posted some amazing places on the Leaderboards. These are just a few of examples:

#1 - Amalfi Full
#1 - Amalfi Reverse
#1 - Iberian Mini
#1 - Iberian Mini R
#1 - Sidewinder C
#1 - Ladera Short R
#2 - Sidewinder C R
#4 - Ladera Full R
#7 - Tsukuba Short
#9 - Suzuka East

Those are just to name a few. There is numerous Top 25, Top 50 and Top 100 times. Too many to list done by all our members.

[Sales Details]

Sales will begin on Saturday March 6th and will end on Saturday March 19th. Thats right a limited of 2 weeks this car will be in the Auction House and no more.

Pricing is 200,000 for fully build and tuned car. No hidden cost of parts or anything. Buy it and drive it.

[AH Search Details]

Class: Class D
Make: Nissan
Model: Fairlady Z '69
Design: Yes

Additional Photo's

Sneak Peak of LE (Coming Soon)
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[D350] 69 Fairlady Z - Multiple #1's **SOLD OUT**
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