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 [B-500] 04 Subaru WRX Lobby Dominator **SOLD OUT**

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PostSubject: [B-500] 04 Subaru WRX Lobby Dominator **SOLD OUT**   Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:13 am

Welcome one and all to the 2nd release from Looney Tunes. Our first release was all about Hotlapping and being #1 on the boards. This time around we wanted to offer something geared more towards lobby racing, so here we are with our latest and great B500 lobby dominator.

Mental Nev has done a brilliant job on making the STI easy to drive and in lobbies it shows that from Lap 1 to the finish it can stand with the best of them.

As for the paint well...we told Miffymak to paint us a lobby car and I guess he took us too serious but after he finished it well we loved it. Very nice details in the lobby theme so you can show your Forza support.

Road & Track had a few test drivers take this for a spin then asked them for feed back and this is just a few comments that caught our eye.

Nev from the UK said " I used to hate online lobbys till i found this baby"

Daveyskills from another planet said: "people used to crash me out but since i got the looney tunes lobby car, they dont have a chance"

Hybrid from the darkside said: "I got the looney tunes lobby car and its made lobby life so much easier, why it even vaccums the track as you win races"

[Sales Details]

Sales will start on Friday April 16th (4-16) and will be on sale till 100 are sold and when there gone there gone. So don't miss this limited time offer. Cost is $250,000 CR fully built and tuned availble in the AH only with McMansell as the seller.

[AH Search Details]

Class: Class B (B500)
Make: Subaru
Model: Subaru WRX '04
Design: Yes

<<<<<<<<<< CONTESTS BELOW >>>>>>>>>>>

*** Photo Comp ***

<<<<Photo Comp Rules>>>>

1. Must use Looney Tuned 04 WRX Lobby Car
2. Photo needs to be taken from a LOBBY REPLAY
2. Two photo entries allowed
3. No Photoshopping allowed
4. Resize photos to fit my screen (LOL)

{ Photo Prizes }

1st: Slowroll UBoG - 04 WRX STI LE + 500,000 CR
2nd: Fretless33 - 300,000 CR
3rd: SP01LED JAM1E - 200,000 CR

*** Best in Lobby Story ***

<<< Rules >>>

1. One Entry per person (may post new story BUT must state this is ENTRY
2. May be fact or fictional
3. Keep it semi clean (LOL)
4. May include photo if you like

{ Story Prize }

Winner: Looney Tuned 04 WRX LE [Winner: AZT Turbo]

***Guess the Looney Comp***

<<<<Comp Rules>>>>

1. Guess which garage members are what Looney Tune characters.
2. Must wait one post before re-guessing
3. Please put garage member along with Looney character with your post.
4. First correct guess of ALL 4 memebers listed below wins!!!

McMansell----------> Porky Pig

Miffymak--------------> Elmer Fudd

V12 Mental Nev----------->Daffy Duck

Wayne Tomlinson------------->Sylvester the cat.

{ Guess the Looney Prize }

Winner: Looney Tuned 04 WRX LE [Winner: USMC 2111 LSG]

***Deadline for ALL comps***

All comps will close on Sunday April 25th at 11:59 EST (GMT-5)

[ LE pictures]

*** Additional Photos by GT Eleven ***

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[B-500] 04 Subaru WRX Lobby Dominator **SOLD OUT**
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