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 History of Naked Tuning

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PostSubject: History of Naked Tuning   Sat Feb 13, 2010 4:58 pm

The history of Naked Tuning all started back in Forza Motorsports 2 when Cannon Foddler started making some amazing paints on cars that used no-aero. Now we all know that when making a grip tune that aero is almost always a must, but Fod's started to play with the idea of no-aero for the fact of it looks sexy and goes fast.

He has made some amazing work in the past and once it started to grow he started to get help from some guest painters and tuners to create quite the following of people.

Fod's tried in Forza 3 to start a garage called "Naked Tuning" but got censored for the use of the word naked and that got him down. But we have choose to keep the legend alive and kicking and we will be bringing it back in Forza 3.

So keep an eye out for some up coming "naked" projects. Just remember to drive fast and naked 100% of the time.
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History of Naked Tuning
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